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T-Winner Full Hollow Men's Mechanical Watch

T-Winner Full Hollow Men's Mechanical Watch

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Product information:

*Size: Men's Face Diameter: 4.1CM, Belt Length: 24CM, Belt Width: 2.0CM
*Belt material: Artificial Leather
*Display and function: a. hour hand b. minute hand c. second hand
*Use and settings:
- Winding method: Twist the head of the watch clockwise to wind 15-20 times (do not exceed 20 times), and the watch can go for about 12 hours when it is fully wound.
- Manual mechanical watches must be wound manually every morning and evening.
- To set the time: Fully pull out the middle and turn clockwise to adjust the hour and minute hands to the correct time.
- Time adjustment and winding must be clockwise only, NOT counterclockwise.
- Strap size: Leather strap; generally no adjustment is required. If you need additional holes, you need to get the holes from a professional. Customers can adjust the length of the strap according to the size of their wrist. It can be adjusted by a professional who repairs the watch, or you can buy a strap adjuster to adjust it yourself
- Waterproof: The watch can only be splashed. Do not submerge in water or baths.
- Packing: Watches are shipped without a watch box!

A: Men's silver face black belt
B: Men's gold-faced black belt
C: Men's black face black shell black belt
D: Men's silver-faced brown belt
E: Men's gold-faced brown belt
F: Men's gold face black shell black belt
G: Men's silver-faced claret belt
H: Men's Gold-Faced Claret Belt
I: Men's black face silver shell brown belt
J: Men's Black Face Silver Shell Black Belt