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Get ready to "FALL" into big savings at Empress Beauty Jewelry

Newsletter #1

At Empress Beauty Jewelry, our goal is to provide customers with beautiful pieces of jewelry that are affordable. Over the past six months we have made significant improvements to our shipping/delivery times. We have scaled back on the number of worldwide suppliers and focused more on the suppliers who guarantee faster shipping and delivery. Although, we still have products that fall under our old shipping policy guidelines (1-5 days to ship, and expected deliveries 10-20 days later), we highlighted those products with a note in the product description section. that have a faster shipping/delivery time and adjusted the expected delivery notification you see at checkout.

We welcome feedback to our services and products at

Now, to get to our FALL INTO BIG SAVINGS campaign. We are excited to bring to you several savings opportunities over the next few months. We still have our Buy 2 get 1 Free; 22% off orders of 50.00 or more; Sign up and get 20% off your first order; 25% off our New Arrivals Collection; and returning customers also get a 20% off coupon (sent 30-45 days after last purchase. We will be doing a 50% off orders of 100.00 or more soon, and up to 50% to75 % off items that fall in our slower delivery category.

We deeply appreciate your continued support as we work to improve, and ensure you get the best quality jewelry, watches, and jewelry boxes /organizers.

Yours Truly,

Empress Beauty Jewelry Team

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